VODO creator namedrops 'Lionshare' at Slamdance panel

Jamie King, the force behind the VODO distribution platform that released the movie last month, was part of a panel discussion at Slamdance yesterday about the future of film distribution. While he was speaking, he mentioned The Lionshare’s downloads on the filesharing networks equaled 8 terabytes.  It was quoted on the blog of Filmmaker Magazine:

Discussing a recent VODO film, Lion’s Share, King did point to one useful statistic. He said the film’s downloads on the filesharing networks totalled eight terabytes. “The value of that is in the thousands of dollars,” he said, “and that bandwidth cost has been shared by our community. It points to a future when the distinction between filmmaker, producer and distributor has been broken down.” In this future, he continued, “We will need to incentivize people to promote our films.”

Okay, so, they called it ‘Lion’s Share’ but that’s still awesome.  Check out their full report on the panel here.

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