The Big Picture Show

The VODO release was a great success.  They said in the first day the movie was download 10,000 times.  10,000 times!  Even if only half the people who downloaded it actually watched it, that’s already an order of magnitude greater than the number that had seen it up til that point.  I’ve been getting emails and tweets from people all over the world giving reactions and asking questions about the film, and it’s all been pretty overwhelming.

It’s been about a year since we finished the film.  Every time I think it’s done with and I can put it on the shelf, the movie turns out to have more life in it.  And, a year on, it had its most successful week yet.

Cool things that happened this week, in no particular order: landing the front page of The Pirate Bay.  Getting a Lionshare Wikipedia entry (soon-to-be-deleted, but it was there nonetheless!).  Being asked to be interviewed for a book about online media and downloading.  Getting an email asking “what advice would you give to a young aspiring filmmaker?”

That last one took me aback.  The notion that anybody was asking me for advice on how to succeed as a filmmaker was…I don’t know what.  I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near being able to think about giving advice on how to “make it.”  I wanted to say to him “Got me, but when you find some, send it my way.”  But what I realized I should say was this: just go out and do something.  Whatever you can.  Make your movie however you can.  It may seem obvious but it’s something a lot of people (myself especially) have a tendency to forget.  You think you’re not ready, you make excuses for yourself, you’ll do it next month or next year.  But unless you actually do some work, thinking about it is all you’re going to do.  Do it and learn, then make another one that’s even better from the experience.

At least I think.

Anyhow, all this stuff combined with the looming end of 2009 has made me kind of contemplative.  I really want to thank everybody who checked out the movie whether you liked it or not.  And thanks to all the people who contacted me to tell me what they thought.  And to all the people who made donations or bought the DVD.

See you on the next one.

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