[...] a film that makes you wish there was another half-hour to look forward to, yet leaves you feeling satisfied. One such film, peering a few decades back, was 1967's The Firemen's Ball, the delightful sociological comedy that is still one of Milos Forman's best films. Another is Josh Bernhard's The Lionshare.

... [I] had the distinct pleasure of downloading and watching The Lionshare, which could arguably be called Slacker for the file-sharing generation… except that it’s a much better film.

Bernhard very subtly yet very clearly and unpretentiously shows us a contradiction in society. With our websites and our iPods, we are disconnected. But we all have in common our earphone-induced isolation.

[...] what Josh Bernhard has done here is turn silver into gold. 8/10.

[...] Bernhard shows quite a bit of sophistication with this film and its underlying message.