Friday, May 28, 2010

Shared Film Festival in Korea

The Lionshare will be screening at the Shared Film Festival in Korea which will take place from June 3-7, alongside Jamie King’s Steal This Film IIRiP! A remix manifestoStar Wreck, and many others.  Wish we could be there!

Release on IndieFlix

I was just notified that The Lionshare is slated for a June 8th release date on Indieflix.  From their ‘about’ page:
IndieFlix is dedicated to providing a forum for filmmakers and their audience to interact and to building a community that translates artistic vision into commercial success.
IndieFlix promises to build a fair and open market to empower filmmakers to be the engine of their achievement and audiences to be a vital part of a movie’s success.
IndieFlix is committed to encourage public opinion and power of choice while reinvesting in the independence of film, the people that craft them, and the organizations that support them.
We believe that every movie has an audience, every filmmaker has a story to tell and each story has the right to be shared.
Indieflix will be selling DVDs and digital downloads. I’m very happy to be associated with them.