Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New review from 'sexy gypsy'

Came across this new review last night:
Bernhard very subtlety yet very clearly and unpretentiously shows us a contradiction in society. With our websites and our ipods, we are a disconnected society. Yet what we all have in common is this earphone-induced isolation.
In contrast to the work of the Duplass brothers and Andrew Bujalski, the cast in this film is a bit younger. With everyone in their early 20’s, the dialogue seems a little more natural and carefree. Maybe I don’t have friends like that now, but I did Sophomore year of college. The jokes cracked and issues discussed lend themselves to an image of youthful hope, rather than the meandering and jaded dissatisfaction of the soon-to-be-thirty-somethings that dominate the genre.
Check out the full review here.
Also, an article about the movie appeared in Monday’s edition of the Brazilian newspaper O. Estadao S. Paulo which I’m working on getting a good translation of.  Pretty cool stuff!  It amazes me the momentum this movie still has a full year after we finished it.

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