Thursday, October 8, 2009

Music Video Premiere

Bracey Smith and the band he played with in the movie went on to form a band called Charm Face.  They’ve been achieving a lot of success and tomorrow night is the release party for their first album Hup.  Before they play they will also premiere the Lionshare-inspired music video for “Comfort Food,” a song featured at the end of the movie.  Bracey had a great concept that results in the video being what I consider an unofficial ’sequel’ to The Lionshare, even further blurring the line between reality and the world of the movie.
Here’s a quick behind the scenes video Bracey put together of the shoot:

So check out their free show tomorrow night and get there early to see the premiere of the video!
Friday, October 9
8:00 pm
Blarney Stone, 2nd floor
410 8th Ave
New York, NY

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